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Sleeping on a cliff = horrible sleep

April 16, 2011

I was thinking about how to push off doing some housework for a little bit longer while my pain reliever kicks in and what better way than to sit down and update the blog. Things have been fairly decent the past few days symptom-wise. A few new things popping up but thankfully these ones are easier to manage.

The past few days, my legs have been in agony (especially the left leg). When this started, I tried the usual pain reliever and a hot bath like a normally do, but once I got out of the tub I could barely walk. The heat made the pain so much worse. Normally it helps relax the muscles a bit, so I chalked it up to the pain just getting more intense and started hoping even harder for a diagnosis soon. When I tried to go to bed, I noticed that laying on my right (like I normally do) made the pain in my left leg worse. So I rolled over and really started to notice how much of my left leg is numb on the surface. I couldn’t feel the bed at all on some parts of my body, so it felt like part of my was dangling off the edge of a cliff. The pain subsided a little bit, but still, feeling like you’re dangling off a cliff does not result in a good nights sleep. I ended up running on 2-4 hours of sleep each night because of this, but thankfully I could sleep in today so taking a sleeping pill last night did the trick (it usually doesn’t as I have a pretty high tolerance to sleeping pills).

So, I wake up the next day after this new leg pain and notice that my legs are actually a little swollen (especially my joints). The pain had gotten a LOT worse, and after only 2 hours of sleep I desperately needed something to kick start my system and shock me into awake-mode. I dragged myself out of bed and went outside to sit on the deck. It’s been fairly cold here lately, and it was about -1 celsius when I got outside. Since the snow is gone now I have my patio furniture out and oooooo man the chairs were cold. Sitting there for a minute, I realized though that my thighs were no longer sore. The cold was helping get rid of the pain. This, plus the swelling, made me decide to try a different pain reliever (one more effective at reducing inflammation) and wow, it’s worked miracles. After applying cold and taking the new pain reliever, I still have a bit of pain and the tingling in my legs is there constantly now, but it’s not enough to stop me from getting around anymore. So that’s pretty good news in my opinion. Yes it’s a new symptom and one that is constant, but it’s easily managable. Also, my tremor has been gone for about 2 days now and the migraines are starting to go away (one still pops up every now and then but they are no longer an all day thing). It was really sunny outside when I first noticed the cold helping my legs, but it was absolutely frigid. One of those days where everything looks so nice and warm and beautiful, until you actually get outside. I chuckled a little bit at that, reminds me of whats going on with my health. Looks normal and perfect on the surface, until you dive in.

Still no word yet from the MRI place, but my family doctor did call this morning to set up a follow up on Tuesday in regards to my CT scan results. I’m kind of surprised it took this long for her to get the results, but hey, at least the neurologist is already done with and the MRI is ordered. I’ll be sure to tell her about the new pain in my legs.

What else…hmmm. I’ve been covering my desktop in stickynotes with random lines that pop into my head, hopefully I’ll be able to get past the just a few words stage soon and actually get some full blown lyrics written. I can’t really think of too much else to post at the moment so I suppose I should get back to the laundry.


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