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Dreaming again

April 13, 2011

Sunday night ended up being pretty bad. My left arm froze again (at least this time it was only for about 2 hours) and my left foot started to freeze as well (I couldn’t uncurl my toes and it felt like a charlie horse in the bottom of my foot). My right leg went completely numb so it was insanely difficult to walk. Monday and Tuesday weren’t as bad (though Tuesday was a day long migraine again), just lots of vertigo, tingling in my legs, and pins and needles. My left wrist was contracted when I woke up on Monday though, which is a first, but wearing my brace most of the day helped out quite a bit. Had a little bit of a tremor yesterday but at least it wasn’t bad enough to stop me from doing anything. I’m sore all over today and my legs are still tingling, the odd twitching muscles here and there but so far not too bad.

I’ve noticed lately though that when things are really bad physically, I end up having extremely vivid dreams. This is really weird but kinda cool since I normally don’t remember my dreams at all. It’s pretty obvious to me what these dreams represent though and it’s a little depressing (the main theme seems to be trying to achieve something, like a photo of a breath taking landscape, and being unable to do so because of something that is out of my control, like a storm suddenly rolling in and making everything so dark a picture is just impossible. Gee, I wonder what the storm is supposed to represent </sarcasm>).


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  1. I’m sorry to hear of your troubles. When my hands and feet really hurt I can only describe it as putting them into a cold river. People who have been in really cold water then get out and warm up and that pain goes away. My pain stays “no getting out of the painfully cold river for me.” I like your telling the dream experiance, if I break down and take a pain pill so I can try to sleep I have really crazy dreams myself. I think it’s the meds, I have remembered dreams before and usually look for meaning, but these are really crazy and verge on “nightmare”. I hope you have more good days than bad in the near future……….. MJ

  2. wow that pain sounds like a nightmare :S I hope you can find some relief that doesn’t have bizarre side effects like the nightmares (apparently its common with robaxacet, I had no idea as I’ve taken it before when I cracked my tailbone and had no side effects from it). I ended up having deja vu yesterday because of that dream, and I’m still kind of hoping I can have that dream again just to see the landscape 😛

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