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April 7, 2011

I’ve been noticing that I get stared at a lot if I go out when my really visible symptoms are flaring up and I can’t quite figure out why. I understand someone looking then looking away quickly when I match their gaze, that’s not the type of stare I’m talking about. What I don’t get is the dirty looks. I don’t see how anyone thinks glaring at someone with open hostility because they aren’t in the same physical condition as them is helpful at all. It won’t make their condition go away, it won’t make you feel any better since you’ll just be stewing in your own hate; all it does is make you look like an insensitive, self absorbed freak show. So please, next time you’re out in public and you see someone with a visible illness, just accept the fact that not everyone can be 100% healthy all the time and your rudeness is not doing any good. Live and let live, ok?

Anywho! On to happier things. I somehow managed to fully wake up my muse today, and now have four paintings on the go and started doing some writing and recording to help polish up a friend’s song (thank you so much for letting my play around with your baby, I know you’re reading). It feels great to be creating something again, and I can’t wait to start recording the keyboard tracks tomorrow. I definitely feel some lyrics brewing for a new song, though they are not quite ready to come out yet. I’m really hoping I can get them out soon because it has been years since I’ve written any lyrics and I just have too many ideas floating around in my head right now for songs.  Also, I’m continuously surprised by how many hits I’ve been getting lately. I didn’t expect to really get more than maybe 5 readers, so I was pretty stunned when I got over 50 hits in one day! So thank you for stopping in to read my ranting, I hope it’s helping or at least entertaining you guys and I hope you spread the link around. Your visits are greatly appreciated; seeing the hit count get higher every day just pushes me to write more and more.


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  1. I am thrilled to hear you feel inspired! As the weather blooms and improves outside I hope you do more and more too. What type of painting do you do? I dabble in water colors but my favorite indoor hobby is wire beading and jewelery. Good luck with all you have going…………

  2. I use acrylic paints (abstract usually) but I’m thinking of trying out oil paints as well. Digital is also a lot of fun though my pen and tablet is a little glitchy right now. I dabble in photography sometimes as well, I think I might dig up some of my photos and post them.
    The 4 paintings I have on the go right now are a set, so once they are all done I will post a picture of them.

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