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Good news masquerading as bad news

April 5, 2011

Well I just got back from t he neurologist and it went better than expected. He took a new history, did a neurological exam, and ordered an MRI. The fact that some things went pretty wrong during the exam and that he ordered an MRI is in and of itself a bad sign (since it reinforces that something is wrong), but I’m looking at it in a positive way. After all, this shows that its being taken seriously and there is documentation from a neurologist saying that something is wrong. Something is actually being done.

So what happened exactly? Well, I had to do a few tasks and I noticed I had some difficulty with them. I had to walk heel to toe and immediately I lost my balance and nearly fell over. Then I had to walk across the exam room the way I normally walk and he looked at my leg a little funny (I must have been dragging it again). I had to hold my arms out straight infront of me, bent at the wrist so my palms were facing away from me with my eyes closed. I could feel my left thumb and middle finger tensing, curling downward, and my elbow starting to jerk. When he checked my reflexes, I had no reflexes in my right leg at all (including the bottom of my foot), the only reflex in my left leg was babinski’s reflex, and the only reflex I had in either arm was an extremely mild reflex in my left elbow. He also checked my blood pressure, breathing, pulse, and eyes. He checked my peripheral vision and had me follow his finger with my eyes only (he actually held my head in place with his other hand). I felt a lot of twitching around my eyes while following his finger and had a bit of a hard time focusing during this test.

So that’s the big update for today. Now all I can do is sit and wait for the phonecall to set up my appointment for the test. Hopefully it won’t be a long wait for the test, but I’m not keeping my hopes too high on that one. Our healthcare system is under a lot of strain and simply because anyone can have this type of test done and not all hospitals have the equipment, the wait to get the test can be months.

And in case  you were wondering, yes, MRIs can be overed by the provincial health plan in Ontario (quite a few people have asked me that). For a list of the services covered by the Ontario Health Insurance Plan and information on eligibility, transferability, and how to obtain public health care coverage in Ontario, visit the OHIP website:


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