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Why so serious?

April 3, 2011

Well, it looks like the symptoms are taking on a little change. Normally I’m almost normal in the morning shortly after I wake up, but this morning the shaking in my left arm and leg were there as soon as I opened my eyes. Judging by the pain in my shoulder and arm and the way my hand is curling downward again, I think it’s safe to say symptoms were there while I was sleeping as well. This will definitely put a little damper on the day since today is the start of BBQ season so I’ll have to explain any visible symptoms to family members that aren’t aware of this problem. It also means it’s not likely that I’ll be able to record any bass tracks today, but I’ll still crank out a few vocals if I can (going to have to discuss which parts need to be done with the wonderful songwriter first though). My left thumb is frozen right now and it looks so odd. It’s stuck bent down at the top joint and feels like I have to crack it. Gee, that’s not going to drive me nuts.

I did get an idea for a few new Mr. Squishys though, so I will be getting some more of those (my house is being to be overrun with them soon). Will be doing a Jokersquishy and Rorschachsquishy, among others. Will start posting pictures of the various forms of squishyness soon.

On a bit of a ranty note: the windows 7 speech recognition program on my laptop is horrible. I haven’t managed to get it to recognize a single command, which is pretty frustrating since I have it open upon startup incase I get to the point where I can’t type. I guess I’ll be spending some of the day trying to get that thing working. If anyone has any suggestions on getting that program to work or getting it to run it’s best, please comment.


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  1. Krausie permalink

    *hugs* I hope you get another relaxing day with less symptoms soon! The world needs more Maus Music! 😀

    Feel better sweetie!

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