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It’s good to be back

April 1, 2011

3 hours until the big event. It still feels kind of surreal but I know it’ll hit me pretty hard once I have to put a hospital gown on. I hate those things so much, and it doesn’t even have anything to do with having your rear partially exposed. There is just something about hospital gowns that makes you feel sick and helpless. It’s probably why I hate going to hospitals so much. I’m not really a control freak in the sense that I need to be the one calling the shots all the time, but when it comes to anything having to do with my body I’m most definately a control freak, and putting on that gown I guess just symbolizes handing your hand and essentially your life over to someone else and I find it pretty unnerving. Blast me with radiation, shove needles into my veins, whatever, just don’t make me wear that thing.

On the upside, I’m feeling really good physically. I haven’t gone to bed yet and it’s 5:20am, so I’m pulling an all-nighter but I don’t mind. I’m still pretty sore from the 5 days of tremors and tensed up muscles, a little bit of shaking (though I think now it’s caffeine, sleep deprivation and hunger making me jittery, definitely a different type of shaking now since it’s just a mild resting tremor, no action tremor now) but nothing debilitating anymore. I’ve finally stopped shaking enough to pick up my bass again, which is what has me so energized. I can’t even describe how great it feels to play again after days of having to just look at it and wish I could. Starting learning some new songs and getting some ideas for some new projects and I’m looking forward to maybe even doing a little recording and singing soon.

It’s a pretty amazing feeling once the symptoms stop. I know they’ll come back eventually, and I have no way of knowing when, for how long, and how severe they’ll be next time, but right now I don’t mind, I’m just glad I’m feeling ok right now. Live for the moment, right? It’s kind of silly in a way though, getting so excited and joyous and free over feeling what most people feel like every day. I will be making the most of the time between symptoms for sure though. With all that off my back I can get the creative juices flowing again. In a few hours, I can get this test over with and get on to some awesome stuff like music, friends, and BBQs.

Wait a minute now…it’s april fool’s day. Hoping I don’t have an encounter with a health care professional with a sick sense of humour today 😛


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  1. Great blog and very informative.

  2. Krausie permalink

    hehe good luck! I would hate to be in a hospital (especially on April Fools Day!) hell, I’d hate to be anywhere… I think I’m just gonna lock myself in my room…

  3. Thankfully no april fools jokes, just seeing a doctor dance around with a K basin on their head 😛 All in all a good visit lol
    And if you’re gonna lock yourself in your room, might as well do some guitar tracks *nudge nudge*

  4. Krausie permalink

    *nudge nudge challenge accepted*

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