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*Arnold voice* IT’S NOT A TUMAH!

April 1, 2011

Well, I went for my CT scan this morning and to my surprise I got the results right away thanks to the ER doctor that I saw last time.

First of all, the scan…it was WEIRD. The technologist was super nice and yay, I didn’t have to wear a gown! Just had to take off my glasses. I already had a little bit of a headache and the scan seemed to make it just a wee bit worse. Also made my forehead feel really warm and having the table move around and whatnot with my eyes closed was really disorienting. It was very very quick though so it was over in a few minutes. The technologist told me I had to go back to the ER and go to triage and get registered so I could get my results. I was really surprised by that since I was going to be waiting for the neurologist to get back in town. And much to my relief, the results were not sent to the intown neurologist. Instead they were sent to my GP (who I will be calling in a few minutes to set up a referral to a neurologist in Kingston).

I was getting a little panicky while I was sitting in the minor treatment suite waiting room so I started texting my sister to tell her where I was and why I was still there. Thankfully she came and waited with me and came in with me to get the results despite running on very little sleep. The doctor that gave me my results was really friendly, explained everything really clearly and had a good sense of humour. No masses, no blood, no stroke. While this is a massive relief it’s also a little worrying for me. Since nothing showed up on the CT scan and I may or may not be symptomatic when I see the neurologist, I’m worried that I’ll get ignored again. So, I guess I really should keep up with recording all my symptoms in a detailed journal and bring that with me to the specialist, hopefully that will help things to stay moving along and I’ll get an MRI ordered.

So, a pretty good start to my day, and hopefully I will be going out later and will be able to hunt down a cable to hook up my bass to my laptop so I can record a little medley for you 🙂

Have a good one! Will write again soon

Oh and for the record, I whistled when I saw the CT scanner. Those suckers are BEASTS!


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