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March 31, 2011

Welcome to my humble little blog. I’ve started this partially as a means to vent, and mainly as a means to reach people going through the same things I am. My story isn’t particularly unique, and that’s the problem. Too many people push off going to their doctor when something is wrong (which is what I’ve done for years) so hopefully by doing this I’ll convince at least one person to get checked out if something is wrong.

Not everything will be health-related though. I started playing bass about 10 or 11 years ago and music is extremely important to me so there will be quite a bit of that as well. This blog is named after the Billy Talent song and there is a significant reason for that, but I will explain that later in a more detailed post (most likely along with a personal interpretation of that song). That band has been pretty big for me lately, mainly because I likely wouldn’t even be going through the diagnosis process now without them so I thought it would be appropriate to name my blog after one of their songs (again, I will explain more in detail later).

If you’re expecting a lot of medical jargon or sob stories, you might want to look somewhere else though. While I plan on being as open and honest as possible, I tend to deal with stressful situations with a really odd, sometimes dark sense of humour. Some of it may be a bit depressing, but that’s kind of inevitable. I’ll try to keep this as clean as possible language-wise for the sake of younger readers and whatnot. I will NEVER post any names or identifying characteristics of other people. I can’t avoid mentioning others given the nature of this blog, but I do have respect for other peoples’ privacy. On top of that, I have to protect the confidentiality of previous patients I’ve had as a personal support worker. I will never mention someone just for the sake of speaking ill of them. If they’re not relevant to the current situation then I won’t mention them.

I will be posting a lot of links to various groups and events, and most will be specifically geared at Canadians, but only because that’s what I am. If you find a link and need help looking for a similar organization in your country, feel free to reply and I’ll do what I can to help you out. If you find a similar link for a different country, you are more than welcome to post it.


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